Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage door for residential and commercial

Commercial Grade Sectional Doors


Commercial sectional doors are made from high-quality, high-strength steel and they are installed using heavy-duty torsion spring systems and durable hardware.  It is just a strong industrial strength door intended to provide years of trouble free commercial use.  The commercial sectional garage doors are constructed for use in high-traffic areas, and provide long service life in challenging weather and work related conditions.

Commercial Sectional Garage Doors provide features thermal efficiency and increased durability.

A sectional door for you business application provides function in all types of climate conditions.  Whether your door needs to function properly in the winters of Alaska or the summers of Arizona, these commercial grade sectional doors are the business owners choice.  Because of their reputation for reliable service, thousands of sectional garage doors have been installed in applications such as fire and police stations and military installations, where the doors must work perfectly every time.  These commercial grade sectional garage doors offer great security for your business also.  Their thicker gauge heavy-duty construction makes them basically impenetrable.

Commercial Sectional Garage Door

The commercial section door comes in a wide variety of sized and options, making them the right choice for nearly every application.  Sectional doors are constructed in polyurethane and polystyrene insulated and non-insulated variations.  They can also be constructed from steel or aluminum with several different gauge options.  We can fit you with the door that exactly fits your requirements.  Innovative safety and security features make commercial sectional garage doors some of the safest in the industry.  A break-away bottom section is an important safety feature for commercial doors installed in high-traffic loading areas.  If the door is accidentally struck by a forklift or another piece of heavy equipment, the section gives way and can be reset in seconds, eliminating downtime and costly repair calls.

Commercial Sectional Garage Door

TOTAL Garage Door Service sells, installs and services all types of commercial sectional garage doors. A sectional door rolls across the overhead area of the garage. Because the sectional door rolls across the overhead area of the garage, your garage will need to be deeper than the height of the door.  If you happen to have a very tall garage door, but your garage is shallow, we can install a coiling garage door.  Call us for your sectional door needs.  We can work with you to get a door that meets your exact needs, and fits within your budget.


COMMERCIAL SECTIONAL GARAGE DOORS.  With our large staff of expert technicians, we can be at your home quickly to repair your garage door. We service all the communities in your area. Give us a call – and we will dispatch a technician immediately to assist you!