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Great selection and pricing on new residential garage doors.  With a huge selection, we can fit you into the garage door that fits your needs and your budget.  Due to our national network of contacts, we offer a complete line of garage door options at the lowest possible price.  Total Garage Door Service will help you to choose residential garage doors from all the major door manufacturers that fits what you need.  We will let you know the advantages and disadvantages of the different doors and find one that is best for you and fits within your budget.  We are able to offer a new residential garage door at very competitive prices and can provide expert installation.  Choose from various options, such as window designs, insulated and non-insulated doors, fire rated doors, accessories – allowing you to personalize your garage door, no matter your budget.

Add value with a new garage doorInstalling a new garage door can enhance the beauty of your home in one day.  We will help you find just the right garage door to suit your tastes and your budget.

The garage door industry is ever-changing.  Advanced technology has been introduced into garage door systems making them more secure, better insulated, and safer.  A new garage door can also instantly increase the “curb appeal” of your home.  There are new styles, colors, textures, material options and insulation levels available.

As you can see from the pictures on the left, a garage door is a major part of what people see from the street.  A new garage door that is personalized to your taste, can immediately improve the looks of your home.  This is also helpful if you need to get a quick sale on your home.  If your garage door is facing the street and is in disarray, a new garage door, even an inexpensive one, can help give you a quicker sale of your home.  Many times you can recoup a high percentage of the cost of the garage door with the sale price.  Our experienced staff would be happy to show you all the options.

There are a variety of types and features to choose from in a garage door. 

When you are looking at purchasing a new residential garage door, one of the main considerations is how the new garage door will look.  There are many different designs to choose from, and once you choose your design, you can add many options to the door to personalize it to your individual taste.  We can help you find a door that meets your needs and your budget.  Some of the options for garage doors are as follows:

Raised Panel, Flush Panel or Ranch Panel steel garage doors.

You will find these types of garage doors on a majority of the homes, as these have been an industry standard door for many years.  You can get a panel steel door in a variety of panel designs and colors, with or without windows and in both the insulated and non-insulated versions.  These doors can be ordered in widths up to 20 foot wide and 14 foot high.  You can order some of these garage doors with new technology, such as adhanced safety features such as pinch resistant joint profiles, safety enclosed springs and anti-drop devices.

Stamped Steel Carriage House Doors

A great way to upgrade the look of your home.  Steel carriage garage doors are affordable and can give your home that “custom” look.  Because manufactures are able to make carriage door from a variety of materials and options, a stamped steel carriage door can give your home the appearance of a much more expensive custom door, at a fraction of the cost.  These doors feature insulated doors and come in a variety of colors and have individual options for decorative handles, straps and window design.  All of which allow you make your door unique.  These doors offer the new features, such as pinch resistant joint profiles to prevent hand and finger injuries, safety enclosed springs and anti-drop devices. These doors can immediately enhance the beauty of your home.

Carriage House Garage Doors

A carriage house residential garage door is used in many custom homes due to its high-quality and unique looks.  Carriage house garage doors will complement the architectural style of your home and come in styles ranging from Colonial to Contemporary.  You have the option to choose from a wide range of hardware to complement and further customize your door to your exact desire.  Typically having a high R-Value, these insulated doors can help lower energy bills.  Your home will take on a whole new look.

Simulated Wood Doors

Simulated wood doors offer the look of a custom wood door without cost an required maintenance of a real wood door.  Many people want the look of a custom wood garage door, but are real wood garage door doesn’t fit their budget.  A simulated wood garage door can be your answer.  Simulated wood doors look great and are low maintenance.  The simulated wood doors are typically made of light fiberglass and have deeply detailed designs with many color options, allowing them to look identical to a real wood door.   If you are looking for the custom wood door look, without the price or maintenance, a simulated wood door is a great option.

The Ultimate – Custom Wood Doors

If you want the ultimate residential garage door, a custom wood garage door is your answer.  We offer a large selection of custom wood doors to fit your design needs and your budget.  We offer doors in most wood species, in both paint grade or stain grade options.  If you are looking for that unique door that everyone will admire, let us show you what you can design for yourself with a custom wood garage door.


If you are looking to purchase a new residential garage door, you will need to determine the size of the door that you are replacing.  The new door you purchase will need to be exactly the same size as the door you are replacing.  We have a chart below which will help you determine the size of your current garage door, so we can show you options that will meet your size specifications.

The following simple steps will help you get the measurements that you will need when replacing your garage door.


Measure the exact height and width of your garage door.  The new door that will be installed needs to have the same measurements. (see #1 in the image)


Measure the headroom distance from the top of your garage door to the garage ceiling.  This measurement will ensure that a door you are considering will fit within your specifications.  12 inches is required for standard installation.  If you have less room, special hardware is available.  (see #2 in the image)


Measure the distance from the edge of your garage door to the adjacent wall.  If you are replacing your present garage door, this shouldn’t be any problem with a new door, but we want to make sure you have enough distance for the new rail system. (see #3 in the image)


Open your garage door and measure the distance from the opening wall to where the garage door ends when in the open position.  (see #4 in the image)


Residential Garage Door Sales and Installation.  Our offices have a large selection of name brand doors – all with a service guaranty.  From standard to custom, we can get a garage door that fits your needs and your budget perfectly.  We provide professional installation for everything we sell, all backed by warranty.  Give us a call.  We will be happy to help you with all your garage door needs.

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