High Speed Doors

High speed commercial doors

 Commercial Grade High Speed Doors


Commercial high speed doors offer high speed and high-tech innovation.  The high speed door offers great benefits such as superior speed and great durability.  Their popularity continues to increase as more commercial operations discover the benefits of high speed doors.  These doors display superior speed without sacrificing reliability or performance, and require minimal maintenance.  A commercial high speed door can open at speeds of approximately 36 inches per second to over 100 inches per second.

High-speed commercial doors are used in diverse applications, such as cold storage and freezer units, emergency response providers, airports, or any other application where the door needs to be opened hundreds of times per day, and waiting on the door to open or close reduces productivity.  These commercial garage doors are built tough and designed to withstand weathering and heavy use for many years.  High speed roll up doors come in both steel and fabric configurations.

Increase productivity, keep out the environment, and save on heating and cooling costs.  A high speed door can help your business increase its work flow and are available in several different types of configurations.  High speed doors are extremely durable, manufactured to withstand millions of cycles under the most adverse conditions.  Fabric high speed roll doors are engineered to withstand vehicle impact. Breakaway bottom bars on roll doors can be reset, without tools, in just seconds.

Applications include:

  • Loading docks
  • Waste areas
  • Plant overhead doors
  • Garages
  • Food packaging & processing facilities
  • Car washes
  • Process areas

High speed door service and installation


Total Garage Door Service (Commercial Division) can handle installation of any type of commercial high speed door.  Our experienced technicians provide professional installation, service or repair of your high-speed commercial garage door.  We have the experience to make sure your door will provide you with years of reliable operation.

Commercial Grade High Speed Doors.  High speed doors for commercial garage application, docking or for use in environmentally controlled areas, TOTAL Garage Door Service can help you with all your sales and service needs. We service all the communities in your area. Give us a call – and we will dispatch a technician immediately to assist you!