Garage Door Maintenance

Proper garage door mainenance



There is nothing worse than a noisy garage doors.  This happens to be a common problem.  All the moving parts on your garage door should be routinely lubricated.  This will help prolong the life of your garage door system.  You should lubricate the moving parts of your garage door and tighten bolts every 4 to 6 months.

Proper garage door maintenance can add years to the life of your garage door system.  If you notice any problems with the spring, call a professional to do any work relating to your garage door spring.  Door springs are under extreme tension. Repair or adjustments to the spring hardware can be very dangerous. Always call an experienced garage door installer to perform any such service.



The metal garage door contains a baked-on finish from the factory, designed to provide you with years of use with minimal service requirements.  If you wish to repaint the door to match your home, make sure you clean the surface of the garage door and it is best to use a paint that has a primer mixed in for superior adhesion. 



To maintain your factory-applied finish so it will last for many years, a minimum routine cleaning at least once a year is recommended.  In most cases, simply washing the door with plain water will work just fine.  For marks that won’t come off with water, use a mild soap to clean the door.  Don’t use strong cleaners, as this can damage the finish.



If you want to paint your primed metal door or to repaint your finish coated metal door, be sure to prepare the factory-applied surface.  New metal doors must be wiped with a mineral spirits soaked cloth to remove waxes present on the surface. Wipe dry with a clean cloth before the mineral spirits dry.  This will help the paint adhere to the door.  Before repainting, make sure all bare metal surfaces are spot primed with a good grade of commercially available primer following the manufacturer’s instructions. To achieve maximum repaint adhesion, you may lightly scuff sand the surface with 400 grit sandpaper or fine steel wool.  

After the door has been  prepared, you should apply a high-quality latex exterior paint withinit must be coated within 24 hours with high-quality latex exterior house paint. The paint must be thoroughly mixed before using.  Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to reduce the material for spraying. 



The preparation and painting of your wood garage door is an important part of the finished product. We recommend before installation, the door be lightly sanded and primed with at least one coat of an oil-based primer with tannin block additive. Finish with two coats of high quality exterior paint. Consult your local paint supplier for products best suited for your area.


For other transparent finishes, consult your paint supplier to find quality products to protect the wood and your investment.