Commercial Roll Up Garage Doors

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Commercial Roll Up garage Doors


TOTAL Garage Door Service (commercial division) has the roll up garage doors, rolling steel doors, over head roll-up doors, or counter roll up doors that fit your business requirements.  Whether you have a garage application, mall-front application, or any other commercial application, we have the solution to handle any situation – at the best prices available.

Commercial roll up doors are designed for industrial applications and provide reliable service and excellent security.  A commercial roll up door will tend to be a little higher in price because they are designed for high-traffic commercial use where there is a tendency for the door to be hit.  Commercial roll up doors are designed to be opened more than one hundred times per day and are manufactured to handle considerable abuse.

Our professional technicians have the experience to install, repair and service any commercial roll-up doors, whether it be in a garage application, or an interior application.

Rolling commercial doors come in a wide variety of options to ensure that the door will meet your specific needs.  You can choose from the widest array of slat profiles, curtain materials and colors, offering a virtually endless array of options to satisfy both aesthetic considerations and working requirements. We offer both rolling steel and rolling sheet doors.

Roll up door service & installation


We provide professional installation services for all the commercial doors that we sell.  Our experienced technicians are trained in all the different types of applications and come with the experience to get the job done right the first time.


rolling steel doorsFabricated of interlocking steel, stainless steel or aluminum curtains in a variety of slat profiles, finishes, and options, our doors are designed for durability, serviceability and good looks. Each of our rolling service doors is computer designed to your specifications, then solidly constructed to promote easy installation, trouble-free operation and long life.


Rolling sheet doorsWhen your project requires an attractive and solidly constructed rolling sheet door that is also easy on your budget, installing a rolling sheet doors may be the perfect solution. These door systems incorporate innovative design elements that enable fast installation and ensure smooth operation for enhanced door life.


Fire rated roll up doorsFire roll up doors incorporate many of the same construction characteristics as typical rolling doors, but commercial fire doors are used in applications where the facility requires a fire door in a fire rated wall.  Fire doors are normally provided with fusible links which will automatically release to close the door when temperatures exceed 165 degrees Fahrenheit.


Counter rolling doorsCounter roll up doors are typically used at schools, food stores, and other applications where part of the business is open to the outside public.  Counter roll up door fit within the opening of the wall and extend from the ceiling to the counter.  Constructed in either steel, stainless steel or anodized aluminum, the counter roll up doors offer the security you need.  Counter roll up doors can be provided in regular configuration or in a fire rated configuration.


Grill roll up doorsA grill roll up door is typically used in mall applications where security is a high priority.  The grill roll up door offers a clean look yet provides visibility into the business.  Grill roll up doors are made with security in mind, so each door is manufactured to have the strength necessary to keep people out and still operate with ease.  Open air grill models provide open air convenience to allow full visual access and air circulation.  Grill roll up doors are available in aluminum with a clear or color anodized finish, or solid stainless steel, or solid galvanized steel.

Give us a call today.  Our our staff will show you all the different types of commercial roll-up doors that will meet your requirements.